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Can you imagine growing fruit with no pesticides, no trucking from California, no shipping from the equator, and no tilling the soil? We can and do with Aronia. A well-balanced diet that includes adequate anthocyanidins found in Aronia contributes to the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Aronia’s antioxidants are truly one of the highest in anthocyanidins among all the world’s fruits. Try Aronia today and start leading a healthier, more sustainable LIFE brought to you by family farmers in Iowa.

Alright, first and formost, how does one begin to incorporate fresh Aronia into their diet? Here is my dad Trent's advice. "Start by adding just a few Aronias mixed with blueberries to your morning cereal. After a day or two increase to an equal portion Aronia-blueberry combo. Soon you will prefer Aronia without blueberries." Try just one purchase of Aronia and be patient. I promise you will never look back once you make the transition to more nutritious, chemical free, and locally grown Aronia. You will FEEL the difference! Want more reasons to choose Aronia, read on.



At Levi’s Indigenous Fruit Enterprises, we supply wholesome fresh aronia berries to local markets while in season.  Unprocessed fruit is where the nutrition lies, so we've developed a few additional products that are prepared at natural temperatures.  Our kids love fresh aronia berries right off the bush often eating them by the handful, but with kids its important to keep things interesting so we came up with a honey infused aronia berry that has to be kept on the top shelf (if you want to save some for next meal!!).  We gave these infused aronias the name Honey Berry™. Enjoy them on salads, in cereal, or as a healthy snack when on-the-go.  Look for our fresh and honey infused aronia berries at local farmer’s markets and grocery stores listed below.  We will soon be adding our 100% Dark Chocolate Honey Berry™ product we call Cardiac Comets™ to our available product line.

Honey Berry™

Dad's Aronia Jumpstart


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